Sessions 4–9


Research Tools I: Backcasting

Introduction to backcasting
Aleksi Neuvonen

Whose future? Organizing a series of theme-based normative backcasting workshops to construct coherent scenarios: Methodology description and critical analysis
Johannes Koponen, Marjukka Parkkinen, Satu Korhonen, Juha Leppänen, Veikka Lahtinen, Maari Parkkinen & Iris Sandelin

Backcasting – a Counting Backwards Workshop 
Aleksi Neuvonen & Johannes Koponen

Research Tools II & III: Causal Layered Analysis (CLA)

Introduction to CLA and the game [slides forthcoming]
Sohail Inayatullah

A CLA game on neo-carbon energy scenarios in action learning
Sohail Inayatullah, Matti Minkkinen & Sirkka Heinonen

Practical guide to using causal layered analysis in qualitative futures studies
Matti Minkkinen & Petri Tapio


Education and Learning I: Future orientation

Critically reflexive practice in the present as learning for the future
Marise Lehto

Tackle the grand societal challenges: Advanced course for prototype the future
Christianne Heselmans & Linda Hofman

Prevention of early dropouts in vocational education
Juhani Pirttiniemi, Marika Koramo & Mikko Hytönen

Education and Learning II & III: Developing visionaries and future thinkers

Introduction to the session theme ‘Developing Visionaries and Future Thinkers’
Leon D. Young

Scenarios as narratives of reactive sequences: Lessons from historical social science
Matti Minkkinen

Designing future scenarios: Approaches and positioning of scenario building into the design process
Danila Zindato

The questioning futurologist and the wondering philosopher: A Viennese coffee house performance
Lisa Szugfil & Michael Berger


Philosophy of Futures Studies

Futures studies as science: The value problem in the thinking of Ossip K. Flechtheim
Burkhard Auffermann

WTF: What The Future?
Marko Ahvenainen & Sari Söderlund

Futures studies and breakthrough thinking
Yuko Aoyama  & Kazutaka Kitamori


Arts as Means to Shape the Futures I, II & III

Artistic interventions in organisations
Kai Lehikoinen

Scenario gaming: An interactive workshop
Cornelia Daheim & Hazel Salminen


Information Technology and Disruptive Innovations: A wicked yet empowering combination Innovation I & II

Broadening code literacy education through metaphors of code
Tomi Dufva & Mikko Dufva

The Futures of artificial companions: Scenarios of human-artificial companions relationship
Huai-Yao Chiu & Mei-Mei Song

Wicked yet empowering: When disruptive innovation and information technology meet
Abayomi Baiyere

Money as the ontological design of socioeconomic realities and set of rules for future scenarios
Daniel Schimmelpfennig

IT innovations
Tuomas Nurmela


The Impact of Foresight Studies: The Role of Dark Scenarios

RACE2050 or  A Past Rich with Future (for the European Transport Industry)
Massimo Moraglio

What’s to be done with it? Dealing with scenarios in social sciences
Roman Peperhove & Julia Drews

Dark Scenarios like in science fiction: The FESTOS experience
Karlheinz Steinmüller

The focus EU security foresight project, its embedded scenario method, and bright and dark EU security roles in a horizon 2035
Alexander Siedschlag