Sessions 10–15


Futures Studies for Sustainability I & II

Building the future of European sustainability governance: A critical self-reflexive approach to a participatory technology assessment exercise
Frédéric Claisse, Pierre Delvenne, Hadrien Macq, Céline Parotte & Vanie Roelandt

The consensus machine: How the category of the “the future” was used to politicize social environmental research
Markus Gossas, Jenny Andersson & Erik Westholm

Governance solutions for wicked problems: Collective learning and systemic coordination in industrial upgrading
Timo J. Hämäläinen

Study of CSR forecast in aspect of energy saving, optimization and industrial environmental issues: Case study – the capital of Iran energy
Ali Rahneshin, Maryam Vakilzadeh, Reza Ahmadi Kahanali & Peyman Razmjoo

Toward a methodological framework for integrating governance in regional- scale low-carbon Scenarios
Aurore Fransolet

Visions as a tool for understanding wicked problems: Identifying dependencies and frames
Annika Carlsson-Kanyama, Karin Mossberg Sonnek, Riitta Räty & Camilla Sandström


Toward a Futures Movement: Research collaboration on climate change as an opportunity to build a futures consciousness for global sustainability I & II

Toward a Futures Movement – introduction
Enrico J. Wensing

The role of heal-being for sustainable future society
Hyun-ryul Park

New consciousness: A societal and energetic vision for rebalancing humankind within the limits of planet earth
Christian Breyer, Sirkka Heinonen & Juho Ruotsalainen

Foresight for intuition to investigate and anticipate the common ground in sustainability
Cristiano Cagnin, Denis Loveridge & Beatriz Vilela

Back to front, upside down, inside out: Towards sustainable future society
Tarja Ketola

Reverse engineering the state machinery for low-carbon public policy
Joni Karjalainen

How to reduce our consumption?
Sanna Ahvenharju


The Future of Emergency Preparedness I & II

The Future of Emergency Preparedness  introduction
James W. Breaux

Getting to the heart of things: Reflections on a life in futures studies and applied foresight (online presentation)
Richard A. Slaughter

Wicked problems analysis of state failure and sustainability policy: A synergy analysis between failed state index and sustainable society index frameworks
Jari Kaivo-oja, Jarmo Vehmas & Jyrki Luukkanen

Who wants to live forever? Mapping and analysing possible future consequences of large increases of human age
Monica Veeger


Under pressure? Cultural heritage as a power, as a threat and as a possibility for the futures I & II

Can we keep collecting? Reconsidering approaches to sustainable collections management (on-line presentation)
MaryJo Lelyveld

Expertise and wisdom of the futures of archaeological heritage
Maija Mäki

Causing an effect: Activists, uncertainty, and images of the future
Kelly Kornet

What is the creative cultures’ response to transformative innovation?
Amos Taylor


Foresight Friday: Dynamic futures of work

Future Dynamics of Work & Technology Alternatives to 2050
Jerome Glenn

Watch the Foresight Friday session on Youtube.


Futures Thinking as an Inherent Part of the Design Process: Artistic futures versus futures studies methods

Artistic futures vs. futures studies methods
Pirjo Haikola

Making Futures Matter: Lessons and questions from a decade of Experiential Futures (on-line presentation)
Stuart Candy

Just another PESTO recipe: Why the most widely used approach to holistic thinking isn’t by definition comprehensive and what can we do about it
Johannes Koponen & Mikael Koponen

Improving future scenario visualisation through transmedia storytelling
Maaike Rijnders & Patrick van der Duin