Sessions 1–3


Methodology I: Introduction

Short introduction to the main theme of methodology sessions referring the article
Kuusi-Cuhls-Steinmüller: Quality criteria for scientific futures research
Osmo Kuusi

Quality criteria of futures research and its futures map paradigm
Osmo Kuusi

Some remarks on quality in futures studies: The TFS approach
Karlheinz Steinmüller

Preventing design flaws and research bias in futures research: On the example of
Real-Time Delphi studies
Norbert Kołos, Piotr Jutkiewicz, Kacper Nosarzewski & Łukasz Macander

Methodology II: Critical assessments of the futures research methodology

Traceability and consistency of integrated scenarios
Hannah Kosow

Perspective of expertise and expert deliberation in futures research
Vilja Varho

Methodology III: Methodological challenges of participatory futures research

Three Cafes: Development of an advanced participatory methodology for futures studies based on three dimensional creativity
Bong Chan Jung

Responsible anticipation in complex worlds
Ted Fuller & Annika Saarikoski

Foresight and the wicked problem of participation
Susanne Giesecke & André Uhl

Exploring a new path in foresight theory: Testing a socio-epistemic approach
Erduana Shala

Learning facilitation of participatory foresight
Lauge Baungaard Rasmussen & Mette Sanne Hansen

Methodology IV: Methods for security focused futures research

European Environment Agency’s ‘Global megatrends report 2015’: Key methodological challenges in assessing impacts of global developments on Europe’s environmental security
Ana Jakil, Anita Velkavrh-Pirc & Teresa Ribeiro

A futures model to address information warfare as an upcoming wicked problem
Rianne van Vuuren

Methodology V: Methodological challenges in business foresight

Criteria for tackling grand societal challenges and individual investment decisions in systemic foresight activities: The case of a German Spitzencluster
Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann  & Björn Sautter

Comparison of approaches for anticipation and evaluation of radical technologies in the corporate context
Anna- Leena Vasamo

Technology foresight in public research organisations: A case study analysis
Anna Sacio- Szymańska, Beata Poteralska & Adam Mazurkiewicz

Methodology VI: Methodological challenges of regional differences

A comparative case study on national foresight processes in Korea and Finland [slides not available]
Sofi Kurki, Juha Kaskinen & Byeongwon Park

Foresight in the enterprise, Polish perspective
Anna Kononiuk & Anna Sacio-Szymańska

Futures research in contemporary Russia
Alexander Sungurov

Futures lost in translations
Leena-Maija Laurén & Jorgelina Capaccio


Studies on Futures Research I: Technology and foresight

Conscious-technology: Can we envision the future we want while we still have time to shape it?
Jerome Glenn  & Sirkka Heinonen

Systems intelligent foresight
Mikko Dufva

Loop mining in the Encyclopedia of world problems
Tomáš Fülöpp & Jacques de Mévius

Studies on Futures Research II: Cases on energy systems

Theory-based and (more) systematic scenario factor definition: An application in energy system modeling
Sigrid Prehofer

Scenarios for the Smart Energy Region Zurich 2050
Harry Spiess, Vicente Carabias, Diego Sanchez & Devon Wemyss

Pathways towards long-term sustainability of the Finnish energy system
Michael Child & Christian Breyer

Studies on Futures Research III: Scenarios and horizon scanning

Scenarios: How accurately do they mirror empirical reality?
Bernhard Albert, K. Christoph Keller, Wolfgang Plöger & Christine Stuck

Global horizon scanning on science, technology and innovation (STI) issues for the post-2015 development agenda
Vicente Carabias, Merja Hoppe, Harry Spiess, Christian Zipper, Yann Blumer, Devon Wemyss, Ron Johnston, Byeongwon Park, Karel Haegeman & Rafael Popper

Automating strategic foresight
Michael Jackson, Matthew Richardson & Walter Kehl

The “inevitable future” scenario-building methodology
Artiom Zheltov

Studies on Futures Research IV: Territorial development

Complexity and vision: The paradoxes in envisioning future territorial development
Annuska Rantanen & Ari Hynynen

Delphi expert survey on Smart Cities 2035
Vicente Carabias, Tina Braumandl, Diego Sanchez, Corinne Moser, Harry Spiess, Yann Blumer, Christian Hertach & Adrian Müller

Studies on Futures Research V: Policy making

Should we ban ugly ducklings
Michaël Van Cutsem

Good governance and the future of democracy: Overcoming arbitrary limitations to the pursuit of ‘Best Solutions’
Partow Izadi

Foresight in decentralized organisations
Olli Salo & Sofi Kurki

Spiritual memes as internal indicators of social change in sustainable communities
Marta Botta

Studies on Futures Research VI: Future of food and agriculture

Futures climate policy in Finland: Mitigation measures for agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Ellen Huan-Niemi, Olli Niskanen, Pasi Rikkonen & Heidi Rintamäki

Pump, boiler, cell or turbine? Six images for energy futures in agriculture
Petri Tapio, Heidi Rintamäki, Pasi Rikkonen & Juho Ruotsalainen

Study on water, energy and food security nexus: Research and innovation in the context of climate change
Ibon Zugasti

The future images of the Finnish primary production by 2050
Titta Tapiola


Futures Education and Learning I

Craftsmen as futurists?
Ana Nuutinen & Kristiina Soini-Salomaa

The application of future scenarios in the design education curricula: The role of future oriented brand as inspiration for innovation
Ion Iriarte, Alazne Alberdi, Itsaso González & Ester Val

Future visions 20 years from now: Views of international student body on developments in economy, ecology and employment
Juha Saukkonen, Anne Hakala, Le Phuong & Phan Phuong

Futures Education and Learning II & III

Introduction to the session theme ‘Teach the Future’
Peter Bishop

Three floors for the six pillars of futures thinking: Pedagogical suggestions for futures education
Mei-Mei Song

Bottom-up wickedness
Maya van Leemput

The wicked futures of disasters: The Philippine experience and lessons learned through the WFSF LEALA project
Cesar Villanueva

“Back to the future”: Futures studies project reintegration into society adult women in imprisonment in Mexico City
Alethia Berenice Montero & Guillermina Baena Paz

The Haiti futures literacy action
Patrick Corsi

Challenges for blended learning
Annie Ferguson