sust-conf-globeWelcome to a Sustainable Conference!

The organizers of the futures conference are committed to keep this as a sustainable event. It means that the conference will be designed, organized and implemented in a way that minimizes negative environmental and social impacts and leaves a positive legacy for the host community.

Travelling. We hope that all the conference participants will consider traveling as green as possible. Remember to book your travelling in well advance. Try to arrange a non-stop flight. Calculate the carbon footprint for your travel plans.

Location. The conference venue is located near the recommended hotels and is reachable by walking or public transport. You can also hire a bike to see the city.

– Selected Conference Hotel branches have made sustainable or Green program promises. You can read more about them: Radisson (Blu Marina), Sokos Hotels (Hamburger Börs) and Best Western (Sea Port Hotel).

Food. All the food will be local and as seasonal as possible. Vegetarian options will be available. The water provided during the event will be tap water. Tap water is safe to drink in Finland. You can bring your own water bottle with you if you wish.

Virtuality. The conference will be streamed on-line. Some of the futurists are participating the conference via live or recorded videos.

Conference materials. The organizers are committed to minimize all the materials distributed to the participants. All the pre and post conference communication will be organized electronically. Participants are able to register on-line and download all the relevant documents from the conference website. Materials necessary to be printed, will be minimized and double-sided as well as reduced in the number of pages. Some of the materials will be re-used, like the name badges. If you have saved name badges from other conferences, bring them, re-use one for yourself and share with others.

The Pre-conference dedicated to Professor Eleonora B. Masini will focus upon Women’s Futures. It will be held upon M/S Viking Grace which has excellent sustainable credentials. The M/S Viking Grace travels between Stockholm, Sweden and Turku.

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