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Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) is a multidisciplinary academic research, training, and development organisation. Our main goal is to create a responsible and sustainable future. ​We research alternative futures, and the challenges and possibilities included in them. The FFRC trains futures-oriented experts by providing academic education for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The FFRC is a department at the Turku School of Economics (TSE), University of Turku. Futures Studies is a Major Subject at the Turku School of Economics consistíng of our international Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies and a line of postgraduate studies. FFRC website 

Finland Futures Academy (FFA) is national education and research network in the field of futures studies for universities. The network is co-ordinated by the FFRC at the University of Turku, and it has ten member universities. FFA organises an annual summer course parallel to the conference. The teaching structure of the course follows the current topic of the conference and the students are expected to participate in presentations and workshops. Further information. FFA website

World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) is a UNESCO and UN consultative partner and global NGO with members in over 60 countries. The WFSF brings together academics, researchers, practitioners, students and futures-focused institutions. It offers a forum for stimulation, exploration and exchange of ideas, visions, and plans for alternative futures, through long-term, big-picture thinking and radical change. WFSF website.

About the FFRC’s Futures Conferences

Each year, the FFRC organises its annual conference, an invaluable opportunity for meeting, exchanging and debating current topics related in futures studies and foresight. With approximately 100–200 individual participants attending from all over the world, international researchers, organisational delegates, business people and students convene to the FFRC annual conferences in the spirit of futures-oriented information, research, analysis and collaboration.

Conferences are held in the three Finnish cities where the FFRC units are located: Turku, Tampere and Helsinki. The activities of the annual conference include keynote speeches and panels in plenary sessions as well as papers presented in parallel sessions. Researchers are invited to submit papers for presentation at the annual conferences. It is hoped that papers presented represent a broad spectrum of futures studies and current topic related each year.

More about the Futures Conferences

Climate Change 2014 Sohail Inayatullah Conference Dinner To be Young, Turku 2012 Futures for Food, Jim Dator, 2013 Climate Change, Future Infinite, Pachauri