Images of the Future in Education

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schoolThe results in our recent study indicate that in the middle of cultural and socio-economic transition, the conventional education institutions and operations models do not answer any more to the real needs of change. Images of the future have the ability to affect social life and structures. They are held and developed by individuals, groups, and institutions on all levels within society.

The big challenge is that there is ambivalence in the future expectations of the different actors, while present educational practices do not provide young people with the tools they would need to cope in the changing world. Finnish teachers are especially worried about the possibility of increasing inequality in education. The images of the future are dominated by the stability and inability of the traditional institutions (like the school) and ways of action (like the teaching and learning practices) to change.

Anita Rubin & Hannu Linturi
Otava Folk High School Co-Operative Society

Read the full article by Anita Rubin and Hannu Linturi. The article explores the challenges in education in the future, based on the results of the Finnish Futures Barometer on Education 2030, on various other Delphi studies on the images of the future held by young Finns, their teachers and educators, as well as those in charge of national education strategy.

Formed From Knowledge and Flavored with Imagination – Images of the Future in Education. 
Download (pdf)

Published version is available in Spanish: Rubin & Linturi (2014) Creado desde el conocimiento y adornado ia imaginacion. Visiones de futuro en educacion. In: Imagebes de futuro en la juventud. Coordinator Enric Bas.Revista de estudios de juventud. 104. March 2014. No. 104. INJUVE, Journal of Instituto de la Juventud, Spain. All rights reserved.

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